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Men's Classes Vaseline Biker the patient and the drunk Blonde Painter
 For My People The Sea Doctor Examination WHOM TO MARRY?
Man Perks Beer Versus Pussy Picture on the Nightstand A Wonderful Husband ?
How to Write a College Paper Tonto Goldstein Reasons To Be A Guy Only In America
Questionnaire Inflatable Doll Old Age Benefits Your Horoscope
Parent Definitions Obsessions The Queen Gives the Orders Stupid Questions
Engineering In Hell Bachelor's Food Dear Mr. Abby Office Wisdom
 Jim and Edna Pregnant from anal sex Unavoidable Laws Redneck Sex Test
Sex Definitions I Believe Fidel Castro Dies Lawyer Jokes
Reading The Signs Real Man Test Golf Caddy Comments HEALTH QUESTION
Prison Or Work Stupid People Senior's Sex Guide Blowjob Etiquette
The Word Fuck IRS Auditor Intoxicated American tourist goes  to China
Company Party

Retiring in Alaska

Airline Humor Your Hair Smells Nice
How to Wash a Cat Jock vs. Nerd Second Thoughts The Perfect Dress
Math Trick 2 Fleas Little Boy What Religion is Your Bra?
St. Peter The Sample Airline Sniffer Dog Limo Driver
Employee Fired Prey at Work Grown up Business Major
The Jewish Bra Retiring Senior Moment RATED "R" RIDDLES
Etiquette Fishing or Reading?  Talking Dog Mississippi Gas Station
Insanity Mayonnaise Jar Thanksgiving Martini Facts
Three Blondes Crisco Screwed Hunting Hillbilly
 Mathematics Tickle me Elmo Fuck Moods of a Woman
The Gas Station Super Hero Party Rednecks Politically Correct
The Bored Man Hard Times Cubans Exaggerate Christian Bookstore
Staying Young How to Make a Woman Happy Spanish Speaking Employees Comparing 1975-2005


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South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming











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